Casting Call For Gordon Ross Photography – Comox Valley Photographer

For the next three months, I will be shooting tattooed models for my upcoming photography exhibit and book launch. The event tells people’s stories through a series of tattoo portraits and words.

If you have body ink, are keen on getting in front of my lens, have a story to share and are over the age of 18, contact me to set up your free photo shoot.

I would love to hear from you.


14 thoughts on “Casting Call For Gordon Ross Photography – Comox Valley Photographer”

  1. Id love to see if i could get photographed. I have some ink that is pretty special to me and Id love to share.

  2. Gordon – I mentioned I was interested when Pieter and I ran into you in Freakin’ Coffee during the campaign. I still am – if you’re looking for a model over 50 with ink from the early 90’s, I’m in.

  3. HI Gordon

    I am interested in your tattoo photoshoot. I have a bird tattoo down my arm and a film strip down my back, stars on my stomach and a big winged creature on my legs.


  4. Hi Gord,

    Have a tiny tattoo on my ankle. Got it for my dad, designed by my brother.

    It’s the Urdu symbols for Khan with the Egyptian symbol for life.

    Like my family, it means a lot to me. I should add I’m a pretty nervous person in front of cameras. But I love your work…

    Good luck with the project.


  5. Not sure if this would really apply to me. I have 2 small tattoo’s with meaning behind them but are you more interested in larger tattoo’s?

    • Hi Jack

      Too bad you live so far away. If you come to Vancouver Island or I make it to LA, let’s connect.

      Bye for now.

      Gordon Ross

  6. My names Derrick, I am an ex combat engineer from the Canadian Army. I have a memorial tattoo on my back for 2 friends killed by landmines in Yugoslavia (Mark Isfeld is one… The Isfeld they named Isfeld Senior school after). Also, I have a passage written on my hands from an incident in Yugo as well.

    • Hey Derrick

      Thanks for your interest. Would love to have you involved.

      We’ll be in touch in the next week about possible shoot dates.

      Thanks again for your interest.

      Gordon Ross

  7. hey there, i am a local artist, and semi-heavily tattooed and would love to share ink and stories, im outa the country until july but available when i return

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