19 Sep 2022

Chris, Tattoo Plus You Portrait

Recently, Chris approached me with some ideas he had for a portrait shoot. We arranged a time and did these shots in my studio. I love it when people are proud of their tattoos and want to share it. One of the most fascinating aspects of being a photographer is the people I meet and the stories I get to hear. So many fascinating people have entrusted with me the oftentimes delicate process of catching a moment that will live […]

02 Mar 2022
Joseph Dandurand

Joseph, Tattoo Portrait. His story

I took this tattoo portrait of Joseph while working for the organization/project, Walk With Me. Joseph, a poet, was leading a community writing workshop for the project. I was shooting portraits and he obliged with me a session. Joseph struck me as a down-to-earth kind of guy with a quick smile and a creative mind. As he stepped under the lights and folded his arms, he remarked, “this is how I want to be buried.” Joseph was short-listed for the […]

15 Dec 2019
Jared, Tattoo + You, A Photo Story of Body Ink

Sharing Tattoo Stories, Jared

Sharing tattoo stories: Jared. In Jared’s words: “The art held by my skin is in the traditional Japanese style of Irezumi but with a contemporary touch. Overall, like the dualities of In & Yo (Japanese Yin & Yang), my two sleeves and chest panels are balanced with a more feminine, spring, or In energy, expressed by tanchōzuru (red-crowned cranes) and sakura (cherry blossoms) on my left, and a more masculine, autumn or Yo energy, expressed by koi (carp) and momiji […]

04 Nov 2019
Kymme, Tattoo + You, A Photo Story of Body Ink

Kymme shares her story of why she got a tattoo

Kymme shares her story of why she got a tattoo in Tattoo + You, A Photo Story of Body Ink.  In her words:  They say that every tattoo has a story; here’s mine. I never thought I would ever get a tattoo. I thought it would be a hindrance to being a performer playing different roles.  I was diagnosed with oral cancer at the base of the tongue and my whole world turned upside down. This would be devastating to […]

18 Oct 2019
Elena, Tattoo + You, A Photo Story of Body Ink

Sharing Tattoo Stories, Elena

Tattoo + You, A Photo Story of Body Ink features Elena.  In her words:  “I was immediately interested when the opportunity arose to share my tattoo stories in this project. When I was a kid, I saw the most tattooed people on earth in the Guiness World Records and Kat Vod on Miami Ink—to get my own tattoos became my goal.  I was raised in a semi-conservative household where tattoos were frowned upon. When I expressed my desire to get […]

13 Oct 2019
Tristan, Tattoo + You, A Photo Story of Body Ink

Tristan, Tattoo + You, A Photo Story of Body Ink

Tattoo + You, A Photo Story of Body Ink features Tristan.  In Tristan’s words:  “In my opinion tattoos have always been a way to tell a story. They can be images that a person wants to project about one’s self, or a way to remember and share a part of one’s life. The back piece began as a concept when I was 20. It started as a way for me to reconnect with my earth-based Celtic and Viking heritage, but […]

11 Aug 2014
Rachel, Tattoo + You, A Photo Story of Body Ink

Tattoo + You, A Photo Story of Body Ink featuring Rachel

Tattoo + You, Rachel As part of the ongoing photo project, Tattoo Plus You, A Photo Story of Body Ink, Rachel came into the studio for a photo shoot. These days I’m reaching into the archives in the oh-so-many-yet-to-be-seen-images-category as some of my work is about to be featured in Inkspired Magazine. You can also check out Inkspired Facebook’s Page. Recently, the CEO and Founder of Inkspired Magazine interviewed me about my work in general, and specifically about some of the […]

30 Jan 2012
Janel, Tattoo + You, A Photo Story of Body Ink

The Art of Tattooing – Comox Valley Photographer

Janel Lessard gets a tattoo from Lawson Metail at Art and Soul in Courtenay, BC. It’s a special person who can do art on the medium of skin. The concentration required is intense especially because the medium moves — it’s not static like a canvas. And it’s living. Although Janel’s tattoos look amazing in colour, the contrast of black and white captures the intensity of the ink going into her skin the way a colour photograph simply can’t. Janel and […]

19 Jan 2012
Ashlynn, Tattoo + You, A Photo Story of Body Ink

Ashlynn, Tattoo + You

Meet Ashlynn who participated in my Tattoo + You project. We had so much fun during her session. This is one of many powerful images from that portrait session. While the tattoos are an integral part of the project, each individual and their story is really what it’s all about. And that is definitely what this project has captured – humbly put, a moment of each person. I love photographing people. Each portrait session is unique and many leave me […]

17 Jan 2012
Hans, Tattoo + You, A Photo Story of Body Ink

Hans Peter Meyer – Vancouver Island Portrait Photographer

Hans Peter Meyer is one of the many individuals who took part in my Tattoo + You photo project. This is an image from our session back in November. We are feverishly putting the exhibit and the book together. The date of the opening will be announced shortly – we have a few details to tweak before laying it all out. It’s been an awesome experience photographing such interesting people. Stay tuned. Gordon