Chris, Tattoo Plus You Portrait

Recently, Chris approached me with some ideas he had for a portrait shoot. We arranged a time and did these shots in my studio. I love it when people are proud of their tattoos and want to share it. One of the most fascinating aspects of being a photographer is the people I meet and the stories I get to hear. So many fascinating people have entrusted with me the oftentimes delicate process of catching a moment that will live on digitally.

Chris, Tattoo Plus You Portrait
Chris, in the studio

In Chris’s words:

“All of my tattoos reflect who I am or illustrate experiences and encounters that I have had.I am an avid snorkeler, diver and underwater photographer. My first tattoo was a crab. I am a Cancer.

About twelve years ago my wife and I retired to Denman Island. I had the great fortune to meet Trish at 2 Pricks on Fifth Avenue. She re-did two of my previous tattoos, and so the relationship started. I have gone to Trish with an idea or photo and then let Trish apply her artistic and professional skills resulting in some amazing tattoos. One of the first was a young iguana that she thought would look great on my old back.  The tattoos on my arms are my identity, that being , a husband, father, shipwright, Denman Islander and a Canadian.

Almost all of the tattoos on my front illustrate creatures that I have encountered underwater locally and in the tropics. One of my favourites is  an eel. I asked Trish to skeletonize the image. The result impressed me so much that I had her apply the technique to others including two of me.

The last tattoo was a lionfish that I met 100 feet down in a wreck near Playa del Carmen.

I’ve been told that tattoos can be addictive. Maybe.”


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