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Jared, Tattoo + You, A Photo Story of Body Ink

Sharing tattoo stories: Jared.

In Jared’s words:

“The art held by my skin is in the traditional Japanese style of Irezumi but with a contemporary touch.

Overall, like the dualities of In & Yo (Japanese Yin & Yang), my two sleeves and chest panels are balanced with a more feminine, spring, or In energy, expressed by tanchōzuru (red-crowned cranes) and sakura (cherry blossoms) on my left, and a more masculine, autumn or Yo energy, expressed by koi (carp) and momiji (Japanese maple leaves) on my right.

The tanchōzuru (red-crowned cranes) symbolize unity, happiness, and longevity. The crane in flight is for my eldest daughter Sora (Japanese for “sky”), and the seated crane for my youngest daughter, Tai (Japanese for “peace/calm”). The halos of light that encircle each crane are for the moon and the sun, and represent my mindset to always seek balance and harmony. Sakura (cherry blossoms) are woven into the piece to represent the fleeting nature of life, a reminder to be present and cherish all moments. 

The motif of the right is symbolic of the partnership I share with my wife, the koi on my chest for motherhood and the one on my sleeve for fatherhood. The koi swim upstream to acknowledge the inevitable struggles of life and our resolve to persevere together. Momiji (Japanese maple leaves), a symbol of lovers, sweep through the piece, and their changing colours represent the passing of time, the cycle of life, growth and change.

Ojuzu (prayer beads) encircle my forearms to finish each sleeve, and hold the kanji (Japanese characters) for my daughter’s names on the left, and the characters for kokkishin (the spirit to overcome oneself) on the right.

Finally, a conversation of my tattoos cannot be had without mention of Stuart Teekasingh, the talented artist for whom I am honored to wear his work.”

Jared and his wife Sofi run Ki Fitness in Courtenay, BC. 

Check out a larger image of Jared and the growing gallery of tattoo portraits and their stories. 

Tattoo + You, A Photo Story of Body Ink began as a book 10 years ago. The project continues online today. If you would like to participate in this project, please send a message below:

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