Tattoo+You Photo Shoot With Media – Comox Valley Photographer

Friday was pretty hip. /A Vancouver Island got a behind-the-scenes look at four Tattoo+You photo shoots. They recorded the shoots and interviewed each subject for a soon to be aired TV spot on /A Channel. .

 (Gordon Ross)

The morning was stacked with fascinating people — musicians, a business owner, a talented hair stylist and the lovely wife of a local tattoo artist – good music, coffee and the local media, as well. It’s exciting to watch it all come together.

Free photo shoots are being scheduled over the next three months, so contact us to book yours. More information on my Tattoo+You photo project can be found HERE.

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  1. I am a former soldier from the 1960s and have a Military Police Tattoo and a made in Canada tattoo from that early 1970s when on ly bikers and soldiers got tattoos, as well as a 1967 tattoo from the Expo 67 in Montreal. That tattoo cost me $6.50 and is of an eagle. I would be interested in sharing them if you want. I live in Nanaimo.

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